T.S. Kist
Summer Field Warm South Peony VIPeony VFigure BPeony IIIPeony IVLeaves over StonesWalking on Dunes4 PartsBad Moon RisingWeight/Wait/WorldNative Windperedäks Deeper than DaffodilsStreet Road SunflowersStreet Road Sunflowers, IIThe BalloonsThe CyclistThe Kite FlyerMove IMove, IIMove, IIIMove IVThe Family RoomHello!King & QueenUs & ThemPicking New CityBaby, ListenWarm WaterGreenvilleSink or FlyStep Stone III & IV- Diptych Love My Man, Diptych Step Stone IStep Stone IIHive IHive IICycleReworked Clear the LineExhaleSounds Over the Dunes, IIWorking on the PipesTo What Lengths ITo What Lengths IIBlooming November IBlooming November IITransforming through Growth & Decay [Diptych]
(A Savannah street corner)Transforming through Growth & Decay [Diptych]
(A Savannah street corner)An Optimistic Glimpse into the Obstruction
Yet to be RevealedAn Empty NestSwim Boys!Transferring All the Good Stuff [Diptych]
Gallery ShotMind FilterTo Cheat TimeBrain Cloud?Crui-azyDoped to See Sunshine in a City of UnrestTserapy150 mg DailyUntitled (Blue Latex Drawing)InstitutionTake These (detail shot)Take These (detail shot)
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"I'm coordinating a series of moving parts. I alter and arrange my work through positioning the formal elements to create a space of intention; deliberate and resolved. I want my work to reflect the unsettling and exciting figurative feeling of tumbling forward through life- to seem sometimes frenetic and layered, yet beautiful and uncontrolled."

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